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Multione Mini Loaders Company


In order to answer in the best way to the challenges of the global market and to support the affirmation of our MultiOne brand from 1st June 2015, CSF srl company has given the industrial branch of  the firm to the new society MultiOne s.r.l.

After 30 years of experience in the agricultural market, the Carraro family decided to establish the company C.S.F. S.r.l. in 1998, with the intent of planning, producing and marketing multi-purpose tool carriers, which could satisfy the growing requests for multi-purpose vehicles both in agricultural as well as in landscaping and construction markets.

The extensive experience of Mr. Giuseppe Carraro in the production of agricultural machineries (round bales, square bales, bale wrappers, seedrills, pneumatic seedrills, power arrows, irrigators and rotary tillers) and the innovative ideas of the family staff brought the company to experience a constant growth in the market and today CSF is the world’s leader for this range of vehicles and tools.

Thanks to the constant research and material technical selection during the project phase, CSF can offer high quality products, with technical solutions allowing the vehicles to be safe, user-friendly and comfortable in any working situation, always respecting the environment.

Nowadays CSF is situated on a 65,000 square meters lot and distributes its products worldwide (Europe, Northern and Southern America, Australia and Asia) through a network of distributors and dealers that work closely with the company to meet customer needs.


Company certifications

CSF has successfully obtained the Quality Certification ISO 9001:2008 Q.C.B. Italy, the accredited institution for the certification of Quality Management System, has issued the prestigious award, which covers the main activity of our company, involving the processes of design, construction, service and sale of our multi-functional machines.

To be competitive in a rapidly changing market, we always place customer satisfaction at the heart of our growth strategy, committed to a continuous improvement of internal efficiency and quality of services offered.